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Analytical Instruments

Our intensive inventory of analytical instruments is capable to meet our customers requirements and to quantify a large range of impurities at the lowest detection limits for:


GASES  (H2O, O2, THC, CO, CO2, CH4, H2, Particles)

LIQUIDS  (Resistivity, TOC, Particles, Silica, DO, Bacteria, NVR, Anions, Cations, Metals)


We dispose of a large number of instruments to verify the customer specifications before start-up and/or a process application/installation (tool hook-up, VMBs, Gas Cabinets, Gas Panels, UHP Gas Delivery System....)  includes: 


Helium Leak Detector


Oxygen Analyzer


Moisture Analyzer


Particle Counter


      Mobile Analyzer System 4
      Helium Leak Detector Kart 3
      APIMS 1
      UPW Analyzer 2
      Other equipment

For more information about range/sensitivity of above instruments and other equipments (material incoming, UPW Analytical Testing, Clean-room qualification/monitoring...) please contact us at



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