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ATS S.r.L. (Advanced Technology Solutions S.r.L.) was established on May 2000 to provide to our first customer in Italy quality assurance consulting, material inspection, analytical certification for Ultra-High-Purity gas and liquid Delivery System, and ISO9000 company certification support.

January 2001: ATS expanded its own business development activities in European markets.

March 2001: ATS start a long term project in ASIA. These job opportunities improved our experience and support our long term objective in securing a global leadership position in the QA/QC Management.

June 2002: ATS open a new branch in Singapore called A.T.S. Asia Pte Ltd. to be extremely responsive to customersí immediate needs.

September 2003: ATSís Quality Management System  was certified in compliance to ISO 9001:2000 standard. This is a confirmation that we want to achieve the highest standards for our client.

April 2004: ATS expose its own services at Europe Semicon 2004.

July 2005: opened a technical laboratory, in a clean room environment 100. It is equipped for repair/calibration service and for studies and test on UHP materials and fluids.


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