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ATS is ready to provide a wide range of services to meet your project requirements from project design thorough installation, commissioning & Testing:






  Material Inspection

Ultra High Purity materials shall be inspected as soon as possible after incoming, so corrective action can be taken quickly if some non-conformities are detected in compliance to customer specification. We provide QA Inspection for materials used in Ultra High Purity systems that shall not be used without a prior inspection:

  • Visual Inspection (cleanliness, defects or damage)

  • Documentation/Certificate control (chemical and/or physical characteristics in compliance to customer specifications)

  • Roughness measurement

  • Wall Thickness, Diameter and Ovality inspection


System Inspection


ATS provides customer representation during fabrication & installation of process piping system. All the operations must be carried out according to approved design, protocol, procedures  and specification: take off point versus P&ID, installed lines conform to P&ID, proper supports, piping and fitting, alignment plumb/square/level, welds inspection, weld log coupons, fittings and clamps tightening, labeling (color, sense, indication, spacing),  cleaning area, heat tracing....

All Non conformity reported in specific punch list must be resolved before Commissioning & Testing.


Welder Certification                                  Weld Inspection 

To avoid the risk of non-conformities during installation, only welders qualified in presence of ATS QA/QC Inspector are authorize to weld.  Certification process of  a SS Welder is composed from the following phases:

  • welding theory and welding parameters calculation knowledge;

  • welding program acceptance on an entire tube;

  • welding sample acceptance




Each qualified welder, prior to start any welding cycle, must submit a sample (COUPON IN) for  approval. Same procedure must be followed at the end of a welding cycle (COUPON OUT)

Also QC Inspector daily monitoring all operation and any welding exceeding limitations will be rejected.

This procedure assure to our customer welding process validity. Each coupon IN/OUT identified by date, welder name and project reference, is archived for every customer's control. Traceability of all weldings is mandatory.



Clean Room Certification 



ATS provide air cleanliness classification service to certificate a new cleanrooms and associated controlled environments according UNI EN ISO 14644-1, and/or monitoring critical parameters to prove continue compliance to standards (ISO 14644-2).

  • Measurement of cleanliness class

  • Leakage test of HEPA and ULPA filters

  • Air velocity measurements

  • Air temperature and humidity measurements

  • Cleanroom pressurization measurements 




UPW Analytical Testing


Quality of an UPW production facilities is assured by the following analytical testing of:

  • Resistivity

  • Particles

  • TOC

  • Silica

  • DO

  • Bacteria

  • NVR

  • Anions, Cations

  • Metals

      We are able to perform all above analysis.



Helium Leak Testing 


Helium leak testing is the most sensitive non-destructive test method to locate even the smallest leak quickly and precisely for confirming system integrity. By mean Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector the test object is evacuated by the vacuum pump system until the pressure is low enough for the leak detector to operate. Suspicious spots on the test object will then sprayed with a fine jet of Helium. Search gas entering through leaks into the test object is pumped out by the vacuum pump and it is converted by the Helium Leak Detector into an electrical signal which is then displayed.

Alternative method is to fill the test object with Helium or a He/N2 mixture. The leak detector is equipped with a sniffer probe, whereby there is a low pressure at the probe tip. If the sniffer tip passes suspicious points on the test object the search gas coming out of the leak is sucked in and transferred to the detection system of the leak detector.



Analytical Testing        /     Particle Testing

This two kind of test are very important to verify amounts of moisture/oxygen and particulate contamination into Ultra High Purity Gas Delivery System to meet customer specifications before a process application/installation and/or start-up a process tool.

ATS offer a large number of analytical Instruments to monitor and qualify acceptable levels of contamination from ppt to ppm and particle counters to monitor and qualify acceptable levels of particle contamination from 0,014 micron to 1 micron. To provides printouts all our instruments can be connected directly to a recorder or a thermal printer .





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